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 Playstation 4 Specs

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PostSubject: Playstation 4 Specs   Playstation 4 Specs I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 26, 2013 9:08 am

Complete PS4 Specs CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage, Ports

Sony’s PlayStation 4 was first announced on February 20, 2013, during a press conference where the hardware capabilities and multimedia tech of the eighth generation console were shown off in addition to the design of the new PS4 controller. Surprisingly, the PS4 console was not seen during the unveiling event although highlight reels and trailers of next generation games running on the system were used to benchmark its potential. This was because the final design specs were still being finalized...

Sony released a 39-second video teaser on May 20, 2013, on their official YouTube channel showcasing some of the slick new designs going into the console. They still did not reveal the entire console though because reasons. Darn those mega-jerks at Sony for not revealing how different the console will totally look from the previous generation.

The console was officially revealed before mortal eyes on June 10, 2013, during Sony’s panel at the E3 Expo. It was announced during the event that the console will retail for $399 US/€399/£349/$549 AUD this holiday season. You've got to love the amazing troll skills utilized by Sony when it came to DRM-free gaming and no online authentication every 24 hours.

On August 20, 2013, Sony confirmed the release date for the PlayStation 4 as November 15, 2013 for North America and November 29, 2013 for Europe. To make up for the later release date, European owners of the PS4 will be given a 14 day trial of PS Plus for free without any restrictions.

Sony also announced that certain games bought on the PS3 like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed IV, and Watchdogs will be discounted on the PS4 through digital downloads if the player wants to upgrade.

Check out the handy table below for the full specs on the PS4 as they currently stand.

CPU AMD x86 Jaguar 1.6GHZ 8-Core

GPU: AMD next-generation Radeon-based graphics engine - The PlayStation 4 will reportedly be capable of producing up to 1.84 TFLOPS.

RAM:  8GB of GDDR5 - The PlayStation 4 uses a unified 8 GB GDDR5 RAM setup (the current processing is speed unknown). The VRAM and OS RAM will share the memory pool.
However, it has been reported that the OS will have 3.5 gigs dedicated to its functions with the possibility of games getting a total of 5.5 gigs if needed. (4.5 native + 1 GB floating from OS)

Physical Media: Blu-ray Disk - 6x CAV Blu-ray BD-ROM + 8x CAV DVD

Storage(Hard Drive): 500 GB Hard Drive - The PlayStation 4's hard drive will be upgradeable similar to how the PS3 is currently set up.

**Game DVR**:   Yes - The PlayStation 4 will natively support the option to record and upload gameplay to friends or online streaming services using the built-in "Share" button. The PS4 will automatically record the last few minutes of gameplay for you so that you can easily pick what you want to upload.
It has its own compression system and will upload the content in the background while you continue playing. On August 20, 2013, Sony confirmed that Twitch will be available for all users for free whether they want to watch or broadcast gameplay from the PS4. There will also be 20 other video services on the console in addition to improvements for existing ones.

Cloud Storage:   Yes - The PlayStation 4 will use a cloud-based storage system to collect all your account data and make it available anywhere you're signed in. Developers will also be able to change content using the cloud like the requirements for trophies or the environment in MMO-sized worlds.

USB Ports:  (3) The PlayStation 4 uses three USB 3.0 ports for different companion devices in addition to a dedicated jack for the PS Eye.

Mandatory Game Installs:   Unknown - Current reports suggest that owners of the PlayStation 4 will not have to install their games onto the console's hard drive for play. However, it's generally beneficial to have some parts of a game installed for faster load times. This was an optional feature on some PS3 games.

"Always Online":  No - The PlayStation 4 does not require an internet connection for playing games. However, syncing to Gaikai and accessing the PSN will obviously require internet access.

Console Home:   Yes - Users can nominate one PS4 console to be their "home" device, which means all content will be available for anyone to use including PlayStation Plus access. Signing into a PSN account will not be necessary on a "home" console.

Used Game Fee:   No - Sony currently has no plans to charge gamers additional fees for buying games used.

Backwards Capability:   No - The PlayStation 4 uses an entirely new architecture for processing game data, which makes it completely incompatible with past PlayStation games. However, with Gaikai's cloud-based streaming service, gamers will have access to PS1, PS2, and PS3 games.

Second Screen:    PlayStation Vita, Smartphones, Tablets - Sony plans on releasing a PlayStation app shortly after the release of the PS4 that will allow games to be streamed onto any companion device capable of installing the app.
Users can make purchases in the PSN store, wake up their console, and install games with a secondary device. It can also be used to stream game content from friends as well as direct chat options.

Motion Control:    PS Eye 2.0 + PS Move - The PlayStation 4 uses the newly redesigned PS Eye for motion tracking and information processing. The device can track players and deliver game information like low health to their controllers. The PS3's Move devices will be supported by the PS4.
All PS4s will also come pre-installed with Playroom, a virtual space that utilizes the PS Eye to interact with the environment.

***USubscription Service***:    Yes - The PlayStation 4 requires a PlayStation Plus membership for access to online games. Single player games and games that can be played offline will not require a monthly subscription.
Users can also sign into their account on any PS4 and access their library of games provided they download a portion of it first.

PSN Account: Transferable - Sony has confirmed existing PlayStation Plus accounts will carry over to the PS4.

Operating System:    New - The PlayStation 4 will have a new OS and user interface at launch called the PlayStation Dynamic Menu. Users can instantly switch from playing a game to other social media options and even suspend gameplay to continue right away at a later time. It will no longer rely on the XrossMediaBar for navigation.

Internet Connection:   Gigabit Ethernet + WiFi

BlueTooth:   Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)

Audio/Video Connections:    HDMI input and output (up to 4K resolution support) + Optical output - The PlayStation 4 will come packaged with a HDMI cable.

Region Locked:   No

$399 USD
€399 EUR
£349 GBP
$549 AUD

Welcome to the PlayStation 4

Playstation 4 Specs Guide

Moving away from custom Cell architecture that cost Sony millions of dollars in research and development during the PS3 years, the new console will instead use a custom AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 instruction set that will make it more attuned to modern PCs. This was intentionally sought out after the poor reception from developers when they tried porting games onto the PS3 from Xbox 360 architecture. It was also a pain in the ass to always have to customize game code to fit the PS3. By unifying the way developers make games (the Xbox One will use the same CPU architecture), it will be cheaper overall to design and code the next generation.

The PlayStation 4 will use a custom APU set from AMD. The CPU will consist of eight x86-64 cores and run concurrently with its GPU, which consists of 18 compute units and a theoretical peak performance of 1.84 teraflops. However, this performance will technically never be fully realized in games or the various utilities running on the PS4 and should be considered the maximum of what the console can handle. This is in line with midrange gaming PCs and the Xbox One hardware specs.

Both the CPU and GPU will share the same memory processing pool when it comes to dedicated RAM so that graphics processing and utility OS functions will take what they need when they need it. Instead of the CPU holding onto a chunk of the memory pool even when not in use, the shared design ensures the console is getting the most performance when processing graphics data. The PS4 will also have a secondary custom chip for handling background OS functions like downloads, uploads, and user interface options. Although Sony has stated this chip will be used to process “social gameplay,” we’re assuming this does not include streaming or remote play.

The PlayStation 4 will use 8 GB of GDDR5 dedicated RAM, which puts it ahead of the Xbox One in terms of raw bandwidth (176 GB/s) that can be processed at any one instance. While both consoles have 8 gigabytes of total RAM, the PS4 can process more information at once than the Xbox One. While technically meaningless considering the midrange PC specs on both consoles not really requiring more beyond 8 gigabytes, the PS4 could process more information and produce less slowdown if the user is streaming games or doing something else actually requiring the full RAM pool.

For gamers wealthy enough to afford the nice television sets, the PS4 will be able to support gaming running at 1080p with future expansion going into 4K resolution support. However, considering how limited the market for 4K resolution is at this time, you can expect more options down the line when it actually becomes economically feasible to own something capable of producing that sweet, sweet resolution. Don’t expect the PS4 to render games at 4K because the technology to consistently do so without frying the APU inside your console does not exist cheaply yet. Of course, we could all petition Sony to get on that right after they show us what the darn console looks like beyond a few teaser shots.

The PS4 is expected to have at least three USB 3.0 ports in addition to a special auxiliary port for the PlayStation Eye. Sony has smartly designed their companion motion control device to have its own dedicated port so that gamers don’t have to sacrifice one for a device that’s almost necessary for future gaming. The PS4 controller will also be able to charge using the ports even if the system is in standby mode, which is a major step-up from the previous console. Honestly, who made the conscious decision not to include this feature in the PS3? I hope they got kicked in the stones when they were in “standby” mode.

New Toys and Tech
PS4 4 Specs New Toys and TechAmong the new and improved applications and tech features like a faster Blu-ray disc drive, the PlayStation 4 also comes with second screen capabilities through your PS Vita, smartphone, or tablet. Secondary screens can also wake up and log into your PS4 to initiate downloads or stream games onto another device. Sony plans on releasing a new PlayStation app specifically for this feature when the PS4 launches so that users can stream content from their console to their friends not matter what device they’re using. This is of course a major step forward in social gameplay that allows PS4 owners to make game time anytime. Yes, I realize that sentence sounded dangerously cheesy. Cheetos. I should get some cheetos.
Playstation 4 Specs Ps4-specs-playstation-4
Playstation 4 Specs Ps4-specs-playstation-4

The current user interface for the PS4 has not been finalized yet, but during Sony’s press conference on February 20, 2013, it was clear the XrossMediaBar from the PS3 was removed in favor of the simpler PSN interface. While the user interface is expected to change by the time the PS4 ships this holiday season, Sony plans on constantly improving and evolving the feature as the console ages. At launch, this means the PSN will allows users to access to the Gaikai cloud-based gaming platform and browse through their library of titles with the option to try out games instantly. If the user chooses, a title can then be purchased and downloaded in the background without interrupting the other features on the PSN. For users looking for an expanded entertainment experience, the new PSN will still allow subscription services through the PlayStation store like the Sony’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited series.

The new home screen will feature a combination of the latest offers from third-party vendors you’re subscribed to (e.g. your Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu... porn) and the latest content from your friends. This includes new streamed content, their newly acquired trophies, and sure why not, their latest porn searches (probably). From the PS4’s home screen, you can also multitask by browsing the PlayStation Store for the latest titles or DLC while browsing the worldwide web looking at pictures of grumpy cats and chatting to friends online and in-game. Game invitations, shared in-game gifts from friends, and newly acquired items for participating in different events will also show up on the PS4 home screen when you select specific games in your library to view.

Games will also have their own dedicated tab that you can view for further information similar to how Steam currently has their games sorted based on different hubs. Within these game tabs, you can view what your friends have been doing in that game, their achievements, your own achievements, a newsfeed for updates and bug fixes from developers, newly gifted items received from friends or promotions, and more. If we’re assuming the new games tab will be like the PC equivalent of Steam, expect to see user-created game guides and video tutorials too with the possibility of seeing awards and achievements for submitting content.

Privacy now works on a two tier system where your close friends can view your real name, location, and other detailed information while online friends can only view your online identity. This can be changed within the PSN options for presumably everyone you add to your friends list. As previously reported by other news sources, the PS4 has expanded its friends list from 100 to an unknown increased number. Assuming you have this many friends (c’mon, let’s be honest here), you won’t have to pick and choose who stays on your list.

Arguably one of the best new features about the PS4 is known as PlayGo, where all titles on the console can be downloaded while you play the game. While the initial setup and install may take a while, the PS4 does not require you to install the full game in order to play. For example, if you’re playing the next Uncharted game on the PS4, you only need to download the first level of the game to start playing while the rest downloads in the background. Since the PlayStation Store will have digital downloads of new titles the day physical copies are released, you could immediately start playing the next hot release right away. All titles available on the network can also be sampled for free.

The PlayStation 4 will not require a transfer fee for buying used games and while the console is not backwards capable with the PS2 or PS3, you can stream any game in the PlayStation library with the Gaikai cloud service. It is currently unknown whether these titles will have to be purchased again from the PlayStation store or if Sony plans on digitizing your own library somehow.

Playstation 4 Specs Playstation-eye-camera
Eye See You
The PlayStation Eye -- PS4 CameraThe PlayStation Eye has been completely redesigned for the eighth generation console to take advantage of 3D image capturing and interconnectivity with the PS4 controller. Aside from the increased number of cameras (you get two!), wider range, sleeker design, four different camera options, and recognition for up to six people, the PS Eye will have voice recognition and cost $60 when launches with the console this holiday season. Previous PlayStation Move companion devices will be supported on the PS4 although there are currently no planned new features for them. For the nitty-gritty technical specs, check out this handy table below.
~PlayStation Eye Hardware Specs~
Feature PS Eye
External Dimensions: 186mm X 27mm X 27mm
Width X Height X Depth
Weight Approximately: 183g
Video Pixels: A maximum of 1280 X 800 pixels X 2 (Two built-in cameras)
Video Frame Rate: 1280 X 800 pixels @ 60fps
640 X 400 pixels @ 120fps
320 X 192 pixels @ 240fps
Video Format:    RAW + YUV (uncompressed)
Lens:    Dual lenses with a F value/F2.0 fixed focus
Capture Range:    Approximately 30cm
Field-of-View:    Approximately 85 degrees
Microphone:    4-channel microphone array
Connection Type:    PS4 dedicated AUX port
Cable Length:    Approximately 2m
The DualShock 4
The PS4 DualShock 4The PlayStation 4 controller maintains the same general shape (Sony has improved the design to be more comfortable) of previous DualShock controllers and improves upon existing features with new tech. Despite being similar in appearance, the PS3 controller will not be compatible with the eighth generation console due to all the improved or new tech features crammed into the DualShock 4. You still get two analog sticks, two analog triggers (L2 and R2), the iconic triangle, circle, square, and X face buttons, the L1 and R1 buttons, and four individual directional buttons. You also get the neat-o L3 and R3 on the analog sticks. The DualShock 4 will retail for $59.99 US.
Playstation 4 Specs The-dualshock-4-ps4
Improvements to the controller include a brand new material over the two analog sticks that Sony has claimed to be more comfortable than previous DualShocks. They have also been redesigned to have a circular ridge along the edge of the analog sticks to increase precision when gamers play. The L3 and R3 push buttons on the analog sticks have increased responsiveness, which means something depending on how you rated the previous responsiveness on these two buttons.

The DualShock 4 will have some motion control via a three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer that the PlayStation eye will recognize. There will be an additional vibration feature using multiple motors to give players better immersion with the game they’re playing. For example, vibration will change depending on whether players are shooting a weapon in a FPS game or barreling down a track with a speed car.

Most gamers will probably notice the rather large touchpad on the center of the controller that also acts as an additional click button. Gamers can expect new ways to interact with games depending on how developers choose to use the new tech. For example, the PlayStation 4 version of Diablo III will use the touchpad for inventory management, which does not exactly mean much considering there aren’t specific details on how it works yet. However, it seems Sony is very happy with how developers are experimenting with the new tech.

For PlayStation Eye support, the DualShock 4 has a built-in light bar that will transfer information from the game to the controller via different light sequences depending on the context. For example, if a player’s health is low, the DualShock 4 will begin flashing its light bar. There are four different LED colors to help the PS Eye determine who in the game requires what information on their controller. In addition to the new light bar sensor on the DualShock 4, there will also be two ports for a headset and a mini-USB cable for charging purposes. The headset will be included with the purchase of a PS4 although there is also a mono speaker on the controller itself that will deliver in-game sounds.

There are two new buttons featured on the PS4 controller: Share and Options. The Options button located on the right side of the DualShock 4 incorporates both the Start and Select button from the previous controller into a single button. I think Options pretty much sums up what the button offers to gamers and developers. The Share button is an entirely new feature for the console that promotes Sony’s new position on social gameplay. When a player hits the Share button, the console will either start streaming the current game session or share a previously recorded video to friends online or through social media platforms like YouTube. The streaming feature can be sent to another companion device like a PS Vita or smartphone or be uploaded onto a streaming site for public viewing.

Players can also look into their friend’s games in order to see how a particularly difficult part of game is completed. Aside from those purposes, the Share button also brings up your social media hub where you can view the various ways Sony plans on making the PS4 the friendliest social media gaming machine on the planet.

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Playstation 4 Specs
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