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 Mozilla/Google Chrome Recommended Addons: Security and Development

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PostSubject: Mozilla/Google Chrome Recommended Addons: Security and Development   Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:15 am

 Razz   Shocked   Razz 
anonymoX - simple Proxy
DoNotTrackMe: Online Privacy Protection - Prevents trackers
Download statusbar - Convenient Downloader
DownloadHelper - Video/image/media grabber + Converter + downloader
Flagfox - Server Location based ip details
Ghostery - Protect privacy by preventing trackers
HackBar - Website security pentesting, sql injection security tool
HTTPS-Everywhere - Encrypt everpage with HTTPS security automatically

LastPass : EXTENSION... Get application (.exe) and install this...
Stores all passwords securely on YOUR computer NOT a server, and is
encrypted with a master password that "you" create, and store all
passwords for autologin on page load. VERY CONVENIENT & SECURE!

NoScript: Prevents Javascript execution and java for trusted
domains of 'YOUR' Choice. Also prevents XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting),
cross-zone DNS rebinding, CSRF attacks (router hacks), and Clickjacking
attempts... It also implements DoNotTrack tracking opt-out. MUST HAVE!

Self-Destructing Cookies: Cookies when you need them, not when other need them. ;p (Prevents Cookie Stealing)
Keeps your cookies to yourself by removing them when you are gone from a page after
a set time.

Tamper Data - Website Security pentesting through HTTP/HTTPS headers.

Web Developer - Addons for web security, web development and implementation.

ShowIp - Shows ip of the current webpage that is active in your browser.
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Mozilla/Google Chrome Recommended Addons: Security and Development
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