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 This is a step by step process of me going from 4.21.2 Rebug (DEX) to 4.21 v2.2 Ps3ita (DEX).

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PostSubject: This is a step by step process of me going from 4.21.2 Rebug (DEX) to 4.21 v2.2 Ps3ita (DEX).   Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:14 pm

Rebug 3.55.4 downgrader -
PS3ITA 4.21 v2.2 -
PS3ITA Manager -

1: (On Computer) Put your "CEX-FLASH.EID0.NORBIN" and "DEX-FLASH.EID0.NORBIN" on to the "Root" of your USB.
2: (On Ps3) Put Your USB with the "CEX-FLASH.EID0.NORBIN" and "DEX-FLASH.EID0.NORBIN" on the Root of it, in the far right slot of your PS3.
3: (On PS3) Go to Rebug Toolbox and select "Rewrite Target ID with Flash:, and then a popup should show "You are about to change your PS3 Region/Target ID! Current ID: 0x84 New ID: 0x82 ARE YOU SURE?" Select "Yes".
4: Now after that restart PS3 (Mandatory Restart)
5: Go back into rebug Toolbox and select "Swap LV2 Kernel" and then select "Yes".
6: (In Rebug Toolbox) Go to "System Information" and MAKE SURE YOUR ON "4.21/4.31/4.46 ~~~LV2 Kernel: CEX ~~~Target Type: CEX
7: Uninstall Rebug Spoofer by Running the installer again...
*(ON PS3) To make sure Rebug Spoofer uninstalled, go to "System Settings" then "System Information" and make sure your now on (4.21/4.31/4.46 --Depending on what CFW your on)* (*You should be notified a system software update is required*)
7: (On Computer) Put USB in computer and on the "Root" of the USB put a folder named "PS3" and inside that folder put another folder named "UPDATE", and inside that folder put the rebug downgrader 3.55.4 and name it "PS3UPDAT.PUP".
8: (On Ps3) Put USB with the Downgrader on it, in the far right slot on ps3.
9: Put Ps3 into Recovery mode:
-(With Ps3 OFF) Hold Power Button till it turns the ps3 on and back off again...
-After it has turned off, hold Power button till you hear a "Beep" and another "Beep Beep"... Let go and it will be in Recovery Mode.
10: While in recovery mode with usb in, Connect a controller with a usb cable and select "System Update" and then press "Start + Select" buttons on ps3 controller at the same time. You should now be "Updating" (downgrading) to 3.55.4 Rebug.
11: On Ps3 you should now be on Rebug 3.55.4 CEX.
12: (with USB still in, and Cex to Dex files still on Root of USB)Go into rebug Toolbox and select "Rewrite Target ID in flash", "Yes", and you should be notified it was successful.
13: Now select "Swap LV2 Kernel", and Restart System. (your now on 3.55 Dex)
This is a step by step process of me going from 4.21.2 Rebug (DEX) to 4.21 v2.2 Ps3ita (DEX).

11: (On Computer) Put Usb back in, go in to the PS3 folder, UPDATE folder, and replace "PS3UPDAT.PUP" with PS3ita 4.21 v2.2 and rename it "PS3UPDAT.PUP".
12: Put Usb back into PS3 in the farthest right slot, and go into system Recovery mode once again.
13: Once in "System Recovery Mode", go to option "6. System Update", and press "Start + Select" buttons on Ps3 controller at the SAME TIME, and update to PS3ita 4.21 v2.2.
14: Once on Ps3ita 4.21 v2.2, you should be "Auto-spoofed" to 4.40 with Online Access (unless console Banned).
-----------------------Getting Online on PS3 ITA-----------------------
*To get online with a banned console on PS3ita, install "PS3ITA Manager v1.40" and inside the Manager, press "Start" button on controller and select "Network Tools", inside Network tools select "Set new console id". Keep in mind you only have to change this once until it gets banned. [​IMG] --Unlike PSID patch. You must type in the consoleid Manually rather than using a usb.*

Really no credits to give... I kinda figured this out myself... The only person that helped me was "WhosYourHost" and "DPhracker".
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This is a step by step process of me going from 4.21.2 Rebug (DEX) to 4.21 v2.2 Ps3ita (DEX).
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