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 MW3 Forcehost C#

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PostSubject: MW3 Forcehost C#   Mon Mar 31, 2014 11:11 am

CREDITS TO momo5502 for ForceHost code

Made a tool, feel free to download: MW3 ForceHost {BHv1.2}

(.rar) MD5: DEAE6091EDF16C59D996B47ADF3219B0

old versions:
Source Download:
MW3ForceHost (Source) {BH}

void lockIntDvarToValue(uint pointer, byte value)
            uint _flag = 0x4;          // First value is pointer to name ( const char* ), so dvar flag is at 0x4
            uint _value = 0xB;      // Default value is at 0x11
                                              //Thanks To momo5502
            // Get pointer to dvar
            byte[] buffer = new byte[4];
            GetMemory(pointer, ref buffer);
            uint dvar = BitConverter.ToUInt32(buffer, 0);

            // Get current dvar flag
            byte[] flag = new byte[2];
            GetMemory(dvar + _flag, ref flag);
            ushort shortFlag = BitConverter.ToUInt16(flag, 0);

            // Check if dvar is already write protected
            if ((shortFlag & 0x800) != 0x800)
                shortFlag |= 0x800;

                flag = BitConverter.GetBytes(shortFlag);

                // Apply new dvarflag
                SetMemory(dvar + _flag, flag);

            // Apply new value
            SetMemory(dvar + _value, new byte[] { value });
void forceHost()
            lockIntDvarToValue(0x8AEE34, 0x1);  // Lock 'party_minplayers' to 1/*change 0x01 to 0x06 for default*/
            lockIntDvarToValue(0x8AEE40, 0x12); // Lock 'party_maxplayers' to 18 /*You can change 0x12, to 0x4 for 4 clients, or 6 for 6 clients and so on...*/
                       //Thanks To momo5502
*For MAX Players, this will ONLY work if your connection can handle it. So to check to see how many players you can host go into private match and see:

Again, all credits go to momo5502 for helping out on my MW3 ForceHost question thread:
Also thanks to kiwi_Modz


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MW3 Forcehost C#
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